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用途与简介/Purpose and description:


NFQCL -300series vertical ultrasonic cleaning machine is my company after years of efforts, digesting and absorbing foreign technology, combined with China's national conditions and the successful development of new products. Advanced technology, the features of simple structure, smooth operation, reliable, low noise, easy to operate, easy to clean. Suitable for pharmaceutical vials or molded bottle washing, antibiotics can also be used for injection ampoule bottle or oral liquid bottle cleaning.


According to the needs of customers, but also available for selection:


Pieces of Siemens, schneider, mitsubishi, Taiwan brands such as control system;

◆水、气压力、水温及超声波强度、尘埃粒子、风速在线检测、 报警、记录、打印系统。

Pieces of water, gas pressure, water temperature and the intensity of ultrasonic, dust particles, wind speed on-line detection, alarm, record and print system.



This machine is of vertical drum structure, using the manipulator flip and nozzle for reciprocating tracking way. Use of ultrasonic cleaning and water alternating injection flush, can automatically into the bottle, ultrasonic cleaning, washing, the whole process of washing, the bottles, whole process simulation of the gear meshing theory. The machine broken bottles rate low, wide generality, smooth operation, because the water pipe, no cross contamination, completely accord with the requirement of GMP.


Pieces into the bottle with two sections of mesh belt structure, ensure the enough thrust in water, the screw is not short of bottle.


Pieces in the screw into the bottle is equipped with buffer device, ensure that bottle no broken bottles and the wear and tear of the screw, the screw using non-toxic pollution-free polyformaldehyde material, stainless steel shaft to strengthen the center axis, make sure that the screw is not out of shape.


The needle against the shaking device, enhance the accuracy of injection needle into the bottle, reduce the fault phenomenon.


Pieces out of rod manipulator and the market has the spill prevention mechanism, ensure lubricating oil polluting the water tank.

技术参数/technical parameters