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用途与简介/Brief Introduction:


适用标签:纸质标签、覆膜标签 无胶水(机器刷胶贴标)


For round (cone) bottle label design, apply to all kinds of round bottle labeling (cone). Equipment operation first to stick stick take a suitable amount of resin adhesive, benchmarking by label box again attach labels to benchmarking, rotation and by vacuum adsorption to the vacuum belt, full labeled the bottle label.

Applications: capped labeling, fruit vinegar bottle labeling, bottle labeling, bottle labeling, can label, jam bottle labeling, pickle bottle labeling, chili sauce bottle labeling, wine bottle double labeling, PE bottle, polyethylene bottle labeling, etc



Paste tank with stainless steel roller processing precision, increases with the increasing use of glue, will not leak glue

◆特制橡胶滚轮经数道工艺处理,不变形、耐磨损。上胶均匀轻薄 ,胶水用量节省;

Special rubber roller, the number of processing, deformation, wear resistance. Thin, the glue on the glue dosage to save


Using vacuum standard, cooperate with belt, tags can be smooth paste on the bottle


Photoelectric detection bottle, achieve no bottle label


Use of frequency converter, motor speed can be adjusted freely, labeling capacity control


Suitable for both individual operation and also can connect with production line


Attached manual adjusting device, easy to adjust


Stick a rod, vacuum belt replacement a few parts, such as bottles and the needs of the various specifications can be changed very fast. And can eliminate human maximum adjustment factor


The machine processing precision is exquisite, the basic components are standard parts, convenient maintenance


Basic configuration for import, to ensure quality, make stable performance better, use longer, repair rate is lower


 transportation mode: right into or left out (can be made according to customer's requirement)

技术参数/technical parameters:

生产速度Production speed

(b/min) 80-100

瓶子直径Bottle Diameter


标签尺寸 Tag size

(mm)50-300    40-150

垂直误差vertical error


上标率Superscript rate


使用电源Power Supply

380V三相、50HZ  Three-phase 380 v, 50 hz

电机功率(kw)Motor power (kw)


耗气量Gas consumption


机器净重(kg)Machine net weight (kg)